Welcome to my site.

My name is John F. Gardner, and this is my little area of the internet. I am not the guy who wrote Grendel or any of the post-Ian Fleming James Bond novels, as I am not dead of lung cancer (yet). It is lovely of you to think so, however.

 I am currently working on a novel, and trying to get poetry or short stories published in anything slightly more prestigious than a free blogging site. I write this to try to loosen the shackles on my brain, and also I hope to use it to announce my successes. I write about what I want, occasionally entertain, and express my opinions. I may be unfair, snarky, or even arguably wrong, but I will try not to be mean.  Read whatever you like, leave a comment, argue with me and feel free to have me write for you if you want to offer me work, though I will demand some form of compensation (I’m fond of beer.)

Also, any sharing you can do is greatly appreciated.

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Email me at wombatdeamor@gmail.com.

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