How I ended up agreeing with Ted Nugent.

I just heard Ted Nugent on the radio. I was expecting to change the channel, honestly. I don’t like his music and I find his political views abhorrent. I do like the fact that he pushes the bar on inappropriate during his concerts.

(I think Rock and Roll should be abrasive and unpalatable to some. I think all art, honestly, should take a stand and not give a fuck. An artist should be willing to risk pissing someone off at least once. If you don’t think all art does this, keep in mind there are people who hate love songs.)

Still, none of this is enough to normally cause me to listen to him.

However, during his discussion with the DJ, he stated something along the lines of this: our volunteer military risks their lives because they believe in our Constitution. And that the best way to thank a wounded warrior is to exercise the rights and freedoms they have fought and died for. To go out, register, do the research, and vote your conscience. “When you don’t,” he said, “there is a dead Marine out there without a thank you.”

I may not have expressed it quite as brutally, but I’m not an aging rocker, either. And even though I am a liberal, and a person who abhors the idea of killing anything, even for complicated reasons, I thought this was a statement I could get behind. No matter how disillusioned I get with the way our
country is run, I can still believe that some incredibly brave people exist willing to fight for our ideals. And we should fight for our ideals. We don’t lock ourselves away, hoping for Heaven to make our lives better. We work to bring as much of Heaven here as we can. And whether we get there or not, at least we can take solace in the effort we made to make lives better. And sometimes, the only punch we can throw is a defiant haymaker saying “I am voting for Candidate X, and I don’t care that they have no chance!”

Thus, I agreed with Ted Nugent. I believe voting is important. I know the statistics, and no, our votes aren’t worth a hell of a lot. I know that money and influence have more to do with our system than the will of the governed. But I’d rather take a stand than watch and complain. I’d rather be able to look at my friends and loved ones and say, “I did something with my beliefs.” Do I have to agree on every single issue with the candidates I vote for? Not possible. I agree with my wife on more things than if we lived in the Fifties and I could tell her her opinions, and we still don’t agree on everything.

James wrote in the Bible, “Faith without works is dead.” I believe in the transitive property of this, too. That the work we do showcases what we believe. If we believe (have faith) that the system is FUBAR or that our country farts rainbows and banana scented perfumes, but we don’t try to go out and vote (which is our work in a democracy) then our beliefs are worthless.

Get registered and vote, people. It is important.


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I am a writer who has yet to be published. I am using this blog to shame myself into writing more regularly, in the hopes that I will be able to improve the "About Yourself" box to something less awkward. I also like to cook and use profanity.

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