Late to the party

I found this in my email as a draft and thought I should post it, even though it’s several weeks past due. Still, it’s how I feel, and I want to chronicle my brain juices. They make a great marinade.

Recently, Sarah Palin tweeted a picture of her husband and get proudly holding sacks of Chik-fil-A. She is wearing sunglasses inside, cause I’m sure the sandwiches are really shiny. And I’m sure cursive gives her a headache. Anyway. This picture has made me mad enough that I decided I had to write about it.

Now, why does where Sarah Palin eat have any reason to bother me? It doesn’t. She is an evangelical Christian, and the company is owned by same. She, of course, would want to show her support to a company that donates money to causes that she has espoused as her own in her political career. That pic must make her supporters so excited they have to focus on Todd to keep from masturbating immediately (also cause it’s a sin in their eyes.)

What bothers me is the callousness of the recent right wing political activism. To these folks, (especially Palin, Huckabee, Santorum) this is a joke to them. What bothers me is that these folks don’t see gays as people.

Ms. Palin has a child who has Down’s syndrome, and has vehemently gone after anyone in the media who dares to mock her children. There was a time in our culture where being mentally handicapped was ruinous. They didn’t work, or go to school. They stayed with a caregiver or were kept locked away. People treated them with shame.

I know Ms. Palin will stand up for her son as he grows, and goes to school, where kids will be mean to him. I know they will be. My stepson is developmentally disabled. He gets his share of douchebag kids picking on him. It’s not the way things should be.

I don’t want to say that being gay is a handicap, or that it is a sickness, because it is not. No more than being black or white or straight is. But it is something that a person has absolutely no control over. It is something that was once thought of as a debilitating sickness that had to be hidden. And it is something that people are bullied for all over the world.

And it is the callousness of these so called Christians that angers me.

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