I am getting published!

There is a great poetry magazine out of California called Rattle. I am excited to announce that they are going to publish a review I wrote for the book Eating the Pure Light: Homage to Thomas McGrath on September 20th on their website. The payment is an extension of my subscription by one issue, plus they had provided the book. So, I am getting paid a book and a magazine to be on their website indefinitely. I am full of glee. It’s like if you took all the negative feeling from EVERY rejection letter and flipped them over and underneath was this wonderful smelling joy. I am excited.

My goal is still to be published in print. That will happen; I am confident of that. But this feels good and is a vindication of my work. Now to work harder, and get something else. I truly believe you are only as good as your last accomplishment. But I will enjoy this weekend as I watch football and get screwed out of a day’s pay on Monday knowing that I got paid (in books) for something I wrote.


About wombatdeamor
I am a writer who has yet to be published. I am using this blog to shame myself into writing more regularly, in the hopes that I will be able to improve the "About Yourself" box to something less awkward. I also like to cook and use profanity.

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