Post Apocalyptic Scooby Doo

This morning I tweeted that I wanted to see an adaptation of Scooby Doo from a post apocalyptic dystopia. So here it is.

Shaggy is a vagrant, wandering alone in the hellscape that is the remnants of the United States. He breaks into a facility belonging to the shadow that remains of the government, looking for food and supplies. He finds Scooby Doo there: a Great Dane genetically mutated to a limited form of sentience. They escape, and encounter Fred, Velma, and Daphne. They are also scavengers, but Daphne’s family had managed to hole up resources, thus they have a van and gasoline. Fred is a master at traps and strategy. Velma is able to scrap together any bits of technology they find on the road, and make it work. They take Shaggy in based on his story of breaking into the government facility, even though the doors had been left open and he was able to just wander in. Shaggy and Scooby bond, and since both had spent a majority of their lives hungry, never quite get used to having enough food. Together, they travel from town to town, exposing people who are trying to manipulate local legends and myths for their own gain. As a reward, these towns feed them and provide them with supplies. Because of the wrecked government and limited contact with people outside of their towns, people are more willing to believe in the supernatural, so it makes sense then that people would try to exploit that for monetary gain or as a power grab.

This would have to be dark, cause I said so. Like, the ghouls are actually killing people, and the resulting unmasking would lead to lynchings. And of course, we’d get season ending cliff hangers involving the remnants of the government wanting Scooby back, because of dystopian sci fi cliches. But no one is allowed to be romantic with anyone else, unless it’s Daphne and Velma, or Fred and Shaggy, cause that would actually be interesting. I tend to think, since the world sucks, that they would only be interested in relationships that don’t end in procreation. Children would be a drain on their resources. Okay, so I’ve spent entirely too much time thinking about this. I welcome any suggestions to this weird thought experiment in the comments.


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I am a writer who has yet to be published. I am using this blog to shame myself into writing more regularly, in the hopes that I will be able to improve the "About Yourself" box to something less awkward. I also like to cook and use profanity.

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