Commenting Policy

I have no idea why I feel like I need to create a page for this. But I’m trying to set this place up as completely as possible, and this seems like a thing that every place should have. So here are my rules for commenting, since I’m the moderator and I don’t want my posts to end up like YouTube.

Attacks on me are one thing. I’m all for them. However, I insist they be grammatically correct, spell checked, punctuated, relevant, and coherent.

Spambots will be summarily executed without trial. And I lump unsolicited self-promotion into the spambot category. Pimp your shiz in your site unless I ask you.

I will try to be fair to anyone who is respectfully making a point, and will allow discussions to flourish, as long as comments are civil. No personal attacks on other people for their point of view.

Example: The only reason you support a ban on assault weapons is because you are a socialist tampon who sodomizes stray aardvarks.

Or, You only believe in God because you have the intellectual capacity of the bacteria in a small intestine that digests lactose.

No rants about how much god loves me then telling me how I’m going to hell. Also, no telling me how stupid I am to use a religion’s holy book to back up an argument.

I reserve the right to delete, deny, or ridicule any comment I find insulting or off topic. This will be based entirely on whim. But mostly I will try to engage, unless said comment violates one of the previous rules.

I will likely be unfair in my moderating, as this is my site. I apologize ahead of time.


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